In late 2003 et alli started in a closed discussion group with international membership. Group members posted full text articles from many sources as springboards for discussion. What started as a vigorous group gradually wound down to a monoculture of interest around a single international problem.

Et alli is one of those old Latin words now used as footnote language. It refers to multiple authors. I began to blog within the group under et al., an abbreviation. Latter I moved et al. to the Personally Speaking section/Intelligence Forum at CompuServe and its 455 postings there have drawn 7500 views since August 25, 2004.

Et alli content typically consist of a quotation in place of a masthead, a brief commentary on how current events great and small look, fair use excerpted feuilletons under their original title with links to their source, and a linkblog pointing to a hodgepodge of interesting things.

Most people want to know something about a blogger so…I am a 63 year old white male…Episcopalian, Kansan, Mensan, college graduate, single, diabetic, retired, US Army veteran, social liberal, fiscal conservative, born with curiosity which is exercised daily but never seems to be sated so I read lots of material and ask questions.


'the perplexity of life arises from there being too many interesting things ...' gilbert k. chesterton